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Valley VOTE is a diverse coalition of San Fernando Valley residents, business people, educators, community activists, and organizations that are committed to exploring and fostering the implementation of programs that empower the people of the San Fernando Valley and the City of Los Angeles. We are focused on improving local governance, education and public participation on policy matters. Some of the issues we support include: business tax reform, expanded cultural activities for the Valley, campaign finance reform, charter schools, stopping urban landfills, promoting smart growth, improving traffic conditions, increasing government efficiency, regional airport expansion, insuring fair police response times for the Valley, and receiving a fair share of state and federal grants. We also act as a “watchdog” to see that promises made by City Hall are fulfilled.

To achieve it’s goals Valley VOTE, and with the help of its dedicated members, has a foundation of Valley VOTE Committees. They interact, when possible, directly with policy makers on various programs. By getting involved in the process Valley VOTE hopes to effectively influence the decisions made by our elected representatives.

To better inform and educate the Valley VOTE membership and the public we have monthly meetings with invited speakers in addition to Valley VOTE Committee reports. For detailed information on these activities please see the Meeting Agendas and Meeting Reports links on the Home Page of this Valley VOTE Web site. In addition, the Press Release link on the Home Page provides a summary of Valley VOTE positions on key issues from 2003 to the present.

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Valley VOTE Inc. is organized and operated exclusively for social welfare purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code since 1-1-1998.