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The Valley VOTE Board of Directors has overwhelmingly approved the following Motion:

Valley VOTE supports the Class Action Lawsuit filed on June 7, 2011 on behalf of four plaintiffs. The first is Carolina Winston Barrie, a great granddaughter of one of the land donors in 1888 that bequeathed the property, in perpetuity, in West Los Angeles exclusively for America’s Military Veterans. The other three are veterans plaintiffs; one from the Iraq war, one from the Afghanistan conflict, and one a sexually abused woman veteran. The ACLU foundation of Southern California and six law firms; Harvard Law School, UCLA Law School Inner City Law Center, Munger,Tolles &Olsen LLP, Arnold &Porter LLP and additional counsel (7) are in support of this suit. It was filed vs. Erick Shinseki in his official capacity, Department of Veterans Affairs; and Donna M. Beiter, in her official capacity, Director, VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System.

The 5 causes of action included in the lawsuit are:
1) Intentional discrimination, all plaintiffs and Vietnam Veterans of America.
2) Meaningful Access Denied, all plaintiffs and Vietnam Veterans of America
3) Breach of Fiduciary Duty as Trustee of Charitable Trust, all plaintiffs against all defendants
4) Accounting for all profits, all plaintiffs against all defendants
5) Breach of Fiduciary Duty of charitable trust (Mandamus Relief) all plaintiffs against all defendants