Valley VOTE Board members support Pierce College Farm’s future


The Valley VOTE Board of Directors has unanimously approved support of the following motion:

Valley VOTE supports the following recommendations of the Pierce College Foundation to the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees to establish  an Agricultural Conservation Easement (or an equivalent protection) as soon as possible to protect the Pierce College, located in Woodland Hills, Agricultural programs. These programs  have a long and well-documented history of training agricultural students from general education and technicians through fully practicing Doctors of Veterinary Medicine.

Valley VOTE  also supports the recommendation of the Pierce College Foundation that urges other campus, district, community, and  state organizations to join their efforts to protect the Farm and to provide for its full financial stability in perpetuity.


Motion approved unanimously by the all the members of the Pierce College Foundation on March 19,2015.

  • Whereas the Pierce College Farm is an invaluable and irreplaceable asset to the Los Angeles Community College District, and
  • Whereas the general public has expressed repeated concern about any possibility of losing this treasured asset, and
  • Whereas the Pierce College Agricultural program has a long and well-documented history of training agricultural students from general education and VeterinaryTechnicians through fully practicing Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, and 
  • Whereas each member of the Board of Trustees has expressed solid, specific commitments to maintaining and protecting the educational centrality of the Pierce College Farm, and 
  • Whereas establishing a carefully drafted Agricultural Conservation Easement (or an equivalent protection) would significantly aid in finding designated financial support for the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences programs on the Farm, 

Be It Therefore Resolved that The Pierce College Foundation strongly urges the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees to establish an Agricultural Conservation Easement (or equivalent protection)as soon as possible 

Be It Further Resolved that The Foundation urges other campus, district, community, and state organizations to join the efforts to protect The Farm and to provide for its full financial stability in perpetuity.

Pierce College Farm and Its Educational Value

Unanimously approved 19 March 2015

6201 Winnetka Avenue Woodland Hills, California 91371

Valley VOTE Support for Valley on Track

Press Release 

Valley VOTE
Voters Organized Toward Empowerment
14622 Ventura Blvd. #424, Sherman Oaks, CA. 91403
August 26, 2014                  
Contact: Joe Vitti at

The Valley VOTE Board of Directors has unanimously approved support of the “Valley on Track” coalition.

“Valley on Track” is dedicated to improving upon the regions most pressing

 transportation issues and opportunities so that our ground mobility can be optimized to enhance the business climate, public health and quality of life for San Fernando Valley residents.

The Valley has been severally under served by rail transportation for years. There are only two rail transit stations in the Valley. They represent 2.5% of all of the stations in L.A County, while the Valley represents 20% of the L.A. County population. Future rail transit plans must include projects that focus on the critical needs of the Valley.

The “Valley on Track” coalition advocates for the construction of the following projects:

1. Upgrade the Metro Orange Line busway to light rail. 

A victim of its own huge success, growing rider ship has made the line overcrowded and slow. Conversion to light rail is the best choice now to improve what has become the Valley’s transit backbone.

The line is an existing 18-mile east-west busway running parallel to the 101 freeway from North Hollywood to Chatsworth along Chandler and Victory Boulevards and Canoga Avenue.

Completion Date: To be determined. \

2. Build the East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor as a rail system

The route runs through some of the most transit dependent, majority minority communities in L.A. County. Current bus lines along the corridor are the most heavily used in the Valley after the Orange Line and among the top ten in the county. The Valley cannot accept another under built project that does not meet the demand.

Currently in the planning stage, the corridor will run north-south between Sylmar and Van Nuys, and will eventually connect with the Sepulveda Pass Corridor.

Completion Date: 2018, under current Measure R projection.

3. Build the Sepulveda Pass Corridor project as a rail system, including a tunnel through the Santa Monica Mountains

Connecting the Valley to the Westside, the Sepulveda Pass is one of the world’s most congested traffic corridors. No mode besides rail can even begin to address the transit demand. Currently the last project in Measure R, the corridor will run from Sherman Oaks to the Westside. It should serve UCLA and West L.A. Metro lines, with the potential to eventually reach LAX.

Completion Date: 2039, under current Measure R projection

Please note that the projects presented above must be prioritized in future ballot measures, federal funding requests, and the identification of other funding resources by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority in order to maintain Valley’s support.